Eduard Babulak

Director (Technical Listening)


Carmel Martin


Dr Carmel Martin  is a medical graduate from the University of Queensland, Professor Martin completed a Masters in Community Medicine at the London School of Hygiene, University of London and a PhD in Epidemiology and Population Health at the Australian National University. Professor Martin is in active clinical practice as a general practitioner. Research in […]

Raffaele Pisano


RAFFAELE PISANO (Italy, 1970) is a full physicist. He studied at the Federico II Napoli University (Italy) and PhD at the La Sapienza Roma University (Italy). I awarded my Habilis (HDR–Accreditation to Supervise Research) at Philosophy, history of sciences Poincaré centre, Lorraine University, France. I am currently Full Professor, Lille University, France (& additional responsibility […]

Constance Elizabeth Kampf

Director (Technical Communication)

Constance Elizabeth Kampf PhD is a great renowned & respected personality in Europe. She is an Associate Professor in the School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University.  She has a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Scientific & Technical Communication, and an M.A. in teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Minnesota. […]

Sarajit Basu

Director(Technical Listening)

Prof. Surajit Basu is one of the most respected figures in the field of engineering in India. Graduated in ChE (JU) and PhD (IIT Mumbai), carried out Post-Doctoral work as Humboldt Fellow at the Tech University, Darmstadt (1972- 73 ) , and Tubingen University (May–Oct 1981), Germany. Dr Basu was the faculty member at IIT Mumbai […]

Smarajit Roy

Director (Environmental & Technical Listening Division)

Dr Smarajit Roy a imminent personality in the field of bio energy solutions. Dr Roy feels that Listening to challenges of the society (specially environmental related) mainly by technical experts & governments is the need of the hour, otherwise we are heading for extraordinary environment disasters created by human activity. Dr Smarajit Roy is Ph.D […]