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Can We Communicate without Listening?

Dr Margarita K. Kefalaki President, Communication Institute of Greece View

How Listening Filters Cause Misunderstanding

For decades I’ve been writing and thinking about the system of communication to develop ways for us to better understand each other.


Listening as Service: The Gift of Receptivity

There some ancient wisdom to the effect that the path to the spiritual, as well as material, success in life comes through love, meditation, and service—for some


An Ode To Listening

It is the spaces between the keys on the piano, the intervals between drops of rain in a storm, the branches of a tree swaying in a breeze, the vertices of a snowflake cascading its way down through the crispy icy air, the sun's rays hitting the pedestrian as he wends his way home, the [...]

Why Listening (and Pronunciation) Is a Life-and-Death Matter

A few days before being invited to contribute an article to the Global Listening Centre by your member Sardool Singh, my attention had been arrested by a news item about a Dutch teenager who bungee jumped to her death


Listening and Leading with an Open Heart

By Thomas H. Dahlborg Director, Global Listening Centre. President : Dahlborg Healthcare Leadership Group. Published On : 19th July, 2017. I've worked in hierarchical organizations for most of my career, where decisions are top-down and based on what's already known; where individuals provide input based solely on their role and responsibility (no stepping outside); where process [...]

Body Language of Listeners

A simple article for the beginners – How your body language show that you are listening

By Carol Kinsey Goman | Higher Education . Members Articles