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Seeking a “Listening Method”: A Brief Overview of Interdisciplinary Approaches

In this article, we summarize and synthesize the approaches to a coined “listening method” that has been proposed by researchers across diverse disciplines (e.g., psychology, communication, sound studies, ethnography, etc.) to date. In an extensive scholarly literature search through multiple digital libraries and databases, only 13 references to a named listening method were found, beginning in 1936 and with a marked increase in references since 2016.


Peaceful Silence: Noise, Aggression, and Constructive Listening

Throughout history, people have associated peace with construction and war with destruction.  Related to this dichotomy is the issue of noise: “peace and quiet” is a common English collocation, while everyone knows that battles are clangorous.  In fact, the disruption of peace and quiet can provoke battle, as shown in police records of what are [...]

Listening Ennobles the Moment

Listening lights the bridge we must cross to know each otherIlluminates our minds to other perspectives I hear you—do you really?Are you thinking of your reply, or trying to understand? What makes something simple so hard? Listening makes us vulnerable-What if the message is a hard truth?Do we brave that possibility or defend our position?The […]


When listening becomes magic

When I was seventeen, I didn´t know much about the world. It was time to leave high school and start higher education. But what would I choose?


Say What?

“Amazing, simply amazing. Melt-in-your mouth. Your mama was a keeper.”


Skillful Listening: Needed Now More Than Ever

This essay will explore the importance of applying practical listening skills in today’s classroom, as gleaned from my decades


Seven ways to listen effectively

For those of us/you with children, please tell me how many times you’ve asked or told your child, or heard this: “Were you listening to me?”


Active Listening: practice now and don’t miss out

Effective communication is vital for successful leadership and listening actively is a prerequisite for effective communication.


Sex Differences in Listening

Huub Stapel a dutch actor is having his second show on stage about the differences between men and woman, M-V2. It is a very successful show in the Netherlands. According to Huub, the most important advise for a good relationship is to listen to each

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