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Listening: imperative for patient safety

Listening in the healthcare encounter is a complex matter–even if it appears easy at first glance. In fact, listening is an underused potential. Listening is about understanding what the patient is saying to draw out the fundamental ideas, while gathering information to find answers and weigh options.


The art and skill of active listening

All human progress starts with communication. Without learning from others, understanding challenges and problems, receiving constructive input and feedback that make us grow, and getting our points across, we can never reach our full potential as creative human beings. Yet we are often bad at communication, and what we may perceive as a meaningful dialogue […]

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If They Would Only Listen

Dr. Richard D. Halley Honorable Director (Academic) Global Listening Centre View

Can We Communicate without Listening?

Dr Margarita K. Kefalaki President, Communication Institute of Greece View

The missing component

Alaric Naudé, Ph.D. EdD Director (Academic Board) Global Listening Centre. Every day the world becomes more polarised in a mad dash toward anarchy and disorder. Polarised by religious, racial, ethnic and political ideologies, many individuals are not open to communication. The Global Listening Centre ( is an academic body that is comprised of noteworthy academics [...]
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Listening from a Nurse’s Perspective

Samantha Molinar Nunez BSN, RN It takes a special person to be a nurse. We care for people who are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives. We are here to listen to concerns, complaints, compliments, and everything in between. Our duty as nurses is to be advocates for our patients. [...]

Who is listening to whom? – The human-environment nexus

Prof Andjelka Mihajlov PhD Director & Chair (Environmental Listening) , Global Listening Centre. Hopefully, the fragments I’ll introduce will help us understand why it is important to listen and hear the environment. I accepted the importance of “listening”, strongly believing that environmental listening is important, but no one grasped it focused enough so far. This [...]

Listening Ennobles the Moment

Listening lights the bridge we must cross to know each otherIlluminates our minds to other perspectives I hear you—do you really?Are you thinking of your reply, or trying to understand? What makes something simple so hard? Listening makes us vulnerable-What if the message is a hard truth?Do we brave that possibility or defend our position?The […]


When listening becomes magic

When I was seventeen, I didn´t know much about the world. It was time to leave high school and start higher education. But what would I choose?


From Sound of Silence* to Sound of Caring

“Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.”