Global Listening Centre Seeking New Members

In today’s global environment, the power of listening is crucial. Given the immense challenges that currently face the world, only global listening seems capable of uniting humanity for the purpose of meeting these challenges.

The Global Listening Centre views listening as a global, multimodal process that underlies effective interpersonal and intercultural relations. Listening is part attitude, marked by genuine respect and regard for all; part skill, enabled by specific verbal and nonverbal behaviors; and part physical, driven by a host of physiological, sensory-motor, cognitive, and affective functions.

Combined, these elements shape the perceptual lenses through which humans interpret and strive to understand themselves, colored by each individual’s cultural background. Global listening helps create conditions that allow others to confer freely and have mutual understanding. Although global listening per se does not always lead to agreement, when people are truly attentive and respectful, problems and grievances are much more likely to be dealt with collaboratively and harmoniously, thus helping to foster trusting relationships. Global listening offers the means to meet needs in human relations—personal, organizational, intercultural.

In this spirit, the Global Listening Centre hopes to provide an international forum that brings together practitioners and scholars alike, whether basic or applied in endeavor, with the aim of encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration by which to bridge the theory and practice of the study of listening as a primary medium for the understanding of our fellow human beings. Professionals are hereby invited from the various disciplines, from the physical and biological to the social and humanistic, to join us in collaborative spirit for advancing forward the listening sciences and in so doing contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

The Global Listening Centre is a world-class, international (non-profit) organization, which promotes the noble cause of listening across the planet and educates people and institutions to meet the urgent challenges of society. Its projects are designed by experienced global leaders, known to be accomplished experts in their field. The Global Listening Centre is governed by a Global Listening Board and a constitution meant to guide the organization and support its listening goals. The Global Listening Centre is open to partner with other organizations studying, researching, and promoting the practice of listening.

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