Listening to The Earth : what the artists and scientists tell us

This is a time of cataclysmic climate change, with raging fires across the western US landscape, the threat of life-threatening floods to coastal regions worldwide, and numerous other effects. A basic premise of this paper is that in searching for remedy, we must listen to the Earth, and through listening, discover what it is that ails the planet, and seek restorative action.

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If They Would Only Listen

Dr. Richard D. Halley Honorable Director (Academic) Global Listening Centre View

Who is listening to whom? – The human-environment nexus

Prof Andjelka Mihajlov PhD Director & Chair (Environmental Listening) , Global Listening Centre. Hopefully, the fragments I’ll introduce will help us understand why it is important to listen and hear the environment. I accepted the importance of “listening”, strongly believing that environmental listening is important, but no one grasped it focused enough so far. This [...]