The Global Listening Centre (GLC) has established a global listening network of researchers and practitioners to further our understanding of effective listening practices. It is our belief that by sharing knowledge regarding listening we can better address societal challenges on the local as well as the international level. The GLC is happy to invite you to participate in a celebration of listening as we host a 10-day Global Listening Festival between July 29th and August 7th, 2022, via Telecast or Zoom/YouTube. The Festival’s objective is to promote research related to listening as a global community. We encourage presentations from both members and non-members related to topics such as listening in education, health care, environmental listening, law, corporate, listening disorders, listening for peace, etc. Activities related to listening are also welcome (i.e., art, music, campaigns, poster presentations, storytelling, panel discussions etc.). Presentations will be accepted in major local languages also. Abstracts are due by May 20th, 2022. Non-members are kindly requested to include biographies. Upon acceptance of abstracts, full presentations should be pre-recorded, and the videos should be submitted by June 15th, 2022. Length of presentations should be between 18 to 45 minutes. Please direct any queries to us at or