Anna Storck

Anna Storck

, Ph.D.

Director (Listening for Peace), Global Listening Centre.

Lecturer : Auckland University of Technology, NZ.


Anna Storck Political Science from Free University of Berlin, first master’s degree in Cultural Education from the Jagiellonen University of Cracow and a second master’s degree in European Culture and Politics from the University of Bath, UK.  She is a Professional Certified Trainer (DVNLP) and systemic Coach (ECA, SySt®, IOSA). Anna is passionate about learning and self-development. She loves to read and follow recent neuroscience and development psychology and applied it to her work with people.

Dr Anna  is Polish by birth and have an extensive experience living in different countries and working with international companies in Poland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, the US. Last 16 years she has spent in Germany and is now based in Auckland, New Zealand. Here are the roots of her passion about intercultural communication – the area of her specialization – which encourages both an awareness of the impacts of inequality and the benefits of embracing diversity. Among other things recently, she provides intercultural workshops globally and works part time at the School of Communication at the Auckland University of Technology. She is the co-founder and vice-president of the Institute for Global Integral Competence. Anna has expertise on topics which include intercultural communications, learning styles, and developing training programs for adult learners and works as an educator, intercultural trainer and coach and delivers high impact training/lectures focused on interactive learning activities, which produces sustainable results and exceeds learners’ expectations.  She has had a 20 year career in the field of intercultural communication: as a scholar, educator, and practitioner. Over the past decade, she has extended her research domain to issues of integral and cosmopolitan communication, carrying out a series of original studies investigating various psychological, situational, and macro-environmental factors influencing communication behaviors of individuals when they encounter culturally dissimilar others. Her qualitative study took a global perspective to the issues involved both in international business, public organizations and ethnic communities investigating a number of case studies in relation to cosmopolitan communication. She is Co-author of the Book: Intercultural Trainer Manual  and writes an inspirational blog Femina Magna for women.

Private:  Anna is a woman of many projects that she tries to square, not always easily, with her inner knowing that she is meant to live a simple life, spending much time with her family and whenever possible in the silent presence of trees. Her private life and business is fully grounded in the Integral Theory and informs everything she does from raising her children, to designing intercultural train-the-trainer courses and as a result allows her to serve a variety of projects and organizations.