Anne Taylor

Anne Taylor

Director (Music in Healthcare), Global Listening Centre.

CEO Scandic Heath, USA.

Anne Taylor famously known as “the Danish nurse with the music” in Denmark, She is BSN from Copenhagen Nursing School and has experience from management, same day surgery, home health care and a general surgical ward.

Anne is very innovative, hardworking and a dynamic person. She has created very innovative programs in healthcare. One such is MusiCure  which is worldly famous and proven very effective  She believes Listening is a very important area in one’s life and Listening to right music can be one of the best medicines for healing.

MusiCure – music as medicine is based on 18 years of evidence based medical research, the Danish composer Niels Eje has composed each composition based on the feedback from the research. No other compositions has such a documented medical evidence background, the composer has created a unique healing tool with no side effects.

Anne projects MusiCure to be an integrated part of healthcare, education, sensory rooms, PTSD programs in the military, sleep programs, hospitality industry and airline sleep programs.

She feels strongly about healing the whole person, and incorporating stress reduction in her daily life. Patients has often referred to her as “ the Danish nurse with the music”, some due to severe pain only remember her voice and then MusiCure and others have contacted her afterwards to talk about MusiCure.

Anne currently runs a project at a school in the greater Washington DC area, the aim is to decrease the students stress level by providing MusiCure in a “comfy” room. The aim is to reduce the stress level and increase the students well being and enhance their creativity. Presently Anne is based in USA.

Anee is a mother and passionate about her business and wants her Danish Healing Innovation to flourish worldwide benefiting mankind.