César García

Cesar Garcia

César García

, Ph.D.

Director, Global Listening Centre.

Prof. : Central Washington University


César García is a Full Professor in the Communication Department at Central Washington University (CWU), specializing in teaching and research on public relations and communication management with an emphasis on crisis management and global public relations. He got his PH. D. at University Complutense (Madrid, Spain).

Dr.García has more than a decade of experience in the world of public relations working for international firms such as Edelman and Pleon, where he worked in the area of crisis communication.

For 12 years, Dr. García workedfor a number of energy corporations (Repsol-YPF, Dow Corning, Endesa), chemical companiesand trade associations (Rhodia, Ercros, Eurochlor)as well as for government bodies (Basque Regional Government) in areas related to risk communication campaigns.

He has published more than 25 articles in top academic journals in the field of corporate communication including, among others,Journal of Communication Management, Public Relations Review, Public Relations Journal, and International Journal of Strategic Communication.A number of these articles analyze the intersection between public relations, culture, politics and economics.

He has published opinion articles in Spain’s newspapers such as El País, El Mundo and ABC, as well as in The Huffington Post (Spain edition).