Ian Tunipseed

Ian Tunipseed

, Ph. D.

Director (Strategy), Global Listening Centre.

Exec. Coach at The Speech Improvement Company


Ian Turnipseed is a seasoned, experienced Executive Communication Coach and trainer with The Speech Improvement Company. Ian holds his Doctorate in Mass Communication and Media Effects with a specialization in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Alabama.His He has been involved in public speaking, communication education, and training for the past 20 years as a student, speaker, presenter, coach, trainer, and researcher.He holds multiple degrees in communication works internationally with leaders in countries, companies, and people in all walks of life helping them become more comfortable and effective when they communicate. He is a motivational speaker on the topic of communication education, public speaking, and effective listening. 
Dr Ian’s education allows him to develop real world solutions grounded in proven communication and psychological theories and research.His years of coaching allow him to deliver those solutions as actionable results.He has done this as an invited presenter at conferences on communication, at countless speaking engagements around the country, and privately for hundreds of individuals ranging from college students and actors to thought leaders in prominent industries.

Ian has written articles about how to deal with extemporaneous or impromptu speaking situations.  He has conducted longitudinal research in how to most effectively teach 21st century skills to children. He is a thought leader in the field of communication education for children and competitive communication.  The key to both fields is understanding your listeners and how to effectively connect with them.  His goal is to help all people become better communicators.
The biggest reason for communication training is not because it is needed but because it is necessary. As we enter this new age of 21st century skills, communication is no longer just essential, it is the currency of the future. Learning how to harness communication opens everyone up to untold possibilities.” comments Ian.

Ian is considered an expert in the areas of leadership, listener analysis, communication in the moment, presentation, executive communication, strategic communication, cultural communication and more.