Jennifer Grau

Jennifer Grau

Director (Communication in Health), Global Listening Centre.

Grau Interpersonal Communication, USA.

Jennie Grau is President of Grau Interpersonal Communication, formerly Taliaferro/Grau Associates, a firm specializing in enhancing the speaking, listening, and conflict management skills of individuals, teams, and organizations. Jennie has over 20 years experience conducting workshops, coaching clients, facilitating groups, and presenting to a wide variety of organizations. Her creative and exciting programs strengthen teams, develop leaders, empower presenters, and drive innovation. She has been a change agent for numerous businesses and community development organizations as well as taught university courses in Rhetoric, Persuasion, Gender, Interpersonal and Organizational Communication.

As a facilitator of adult learning Jennie conducts speaking, listening, and conflict resolution programs for corporate clients, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. She works with Federal, State, and Municipal governmental organizations.

Jennie’s public speaking has brought her before a wide range of people, in a variety of contexts. She has addressed bankers and business associations as well as community groups, religious congregations, and Kiwanis and Rotary service clubs. She has presented before city councils, Mayor’s Cabinets and the Michigan State Legislature. She has also made numerous television and radio appearances. Her work has been noted in the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Reports and Lansing State Journal. In 2011, Jennie received the Business of the Year award from The International Listening Association.

Jennie has been a member of many professional associations including: International Communication Association, the Speech Communication Association, the International Listening Association, and the American Society for Training and Development. She received her B.A. from Oberlin College, her M. A. from Michigan State University, and has completed four years of doctoral course work in organizational and interpersonal communication at Michigan State University. Jennifer has written and presented a variety of papers. She is published in both social science and business professional journals.

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