Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown

, Ph.D.

Director (Negotiation & Conflict Resolution), Global Listening Centre.

Prof. : Curtin University, Australia.


Kerry Brown PhD. is a Professor of HRM in the School of Management at Curtin University, Australia. With a PhD in industrial relations, Griffith University, Australia, she is a Research Affiliate of ESCP Europe and Adjunct Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Her principal research areas are negotiation and employment relations; collaboration, networks and industry clusters; public management and policy; government-business-community relations; regional development and innovation; capability, management and policy for infrastructure and asset management.

Effective in industry-university research, Prof Brown has published six books and over 90 articles in scholarly journals. Invited editorial board membership of the International Journal of Small Business and Globalization, the Journal of Change Management and Journal of Management and Organization demonstrates professional research contributions.

Awarded an Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Research Fellow (2009-2018), she is active in professional associations.