Lorette Gijsbers

Lorette Gijsbers

Associate Director (Patient-care Listening), Global Listening Centre.

Intensive care : Spaarnegasthuis /Industrial designer, Netherlands.

Lorette Gijsbers is working as a nurse since 20 years at Intensive care at Spaarnegasthuis .
Lorette is a effective listener when dealing with patients. She believes compassionate listening, love and care helps to overall improve our healthcare system and there is no alternative to this process.
She is associate to many NGO’s .

Lorette is the co-founder of Foundation FCIC and board member of Venticare.
She is also the ambassador of the Compassion for care foundation and a member of the Pink Socks Tribe.
She won Anna Reynyaan Award 2015. Gijsbers loves her job and is very dedicated.

Lorette Gijsbers believes in Guru Nanak Sayings : Listening destroys pains and sufferings.