Muhammad Y Gamal

Muhammad Y Gamal

Advisor, Global Listening Centre.


Dr Muhammad Y Gamal is an applied linguist and an Arab world specialist with qualifications earned in Egypt, Australia and the United States.He taught Arabic translation & interpreting studies at several universities in Australia. His major research areas are applied translation studies, translation & interpreting into English, Arabic discourse analysis, media translation and audiovisual translation studies in the Arab world.

Muhammad is an Arab world specialist and works as an advisor for the Australian federal government offering consultations and advice to several government departments on issues related to the Arab world.

Dr Gamal has published numerous papers in encyclopaedias, refereed journals, conference proceedings, online publications, magazines and newspapers. He is on the editorial board of several international publications. Dr Gamal is often engaged to provide academic supervision to doctoral students in Arab world studies, global security, conflict and audiovisual translation studies.

As a professional interpreter, Dr Gamal acknowledges the significant role listening plays in political and diplomatic settings, in court and police contexts as well as in the complex field of bilingual technical training.By joining the Global Listening Centre, Dr Gamal hopes to contribute to work that underscores the importance of listening in our super-fast world and also high lighting the significance of soft power to resolve conflicts. Dr Gamal strongly believes through the POWER OF LISTENING we can create global peace in this planet.