Pascal Rudin

Pascal Rudin

Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Director, Global Listening Centre.

Representative to the United Nations, Geneva

Pascal Rudin studied Engineering, Social Work, International Childhood Studies, Refugee Law and Economics in Accra, Berne, Edinburgh and London. He has held several management positions in the profit and the NGO sector. His recent experience includes five years as Chief Technology Officer(CTO) as well as four years as a Chief Information Officer(CIO).

As a representative to the United Nations for the International Federation of Social Workers, the advancement of children’s rights designates the core of his commitment.The fields of mental health, listening ,education and alternative care form his priorities, both in research as well as in advisory functions.

Pascal is currently a PhD candidate at the School of Social and Political Science of The University of Edinburgh. Focusing on ADHD in children and the possible role of Social Work, he advocates for better listening in order to help our children overcome challenges of contemporary constructions of childhood and the lived experiences that result from these constructions. As part of his PhD research, he is a visiting scholar at the department of Psychiatric Social Work of the National Institute for Mental Health and Neroscience (NIMHANS) in Bengaluru, India.

Amongst others, he currently chairs the critical ADHD network (Cologne), is the Vice President of the board of the SocialWorkHUB(Vienna), and is a member of the working group on children without parental care of Child Rights Connect (Geneva).

Pascal has extensive experience in organising conferences, general meetings and world social work celebrations. Amongst others, he is/was on the organisation committees of the Alternative Care Conference 2016 in Switzerland, the Symposium on the Refugee Crisis in Austria 2016, the 2017 conference on ADHD in Germany, the General Meeting of the International Federation of Social Workers 2016 in South Korea and 2018 in Ireland, and the 2018 European Social Work Research Conference in the UK.

Pascal is a dedicated child advocate and children’s rights specialist and argues that we can create a better world by listening to each other, particularly by carefully listening to what our children have to tell us.