Philippa Göranson

Philippa Göranson

Associate Director (Heath Communication), Global Listening Centre.

Writing / R&D / Humanities / Patient Engagement, Sweden.


Philippa Goranson is in R&D at Regionalt Cancercentrum Syd. She holds Masters Degree in Media science on Parisflaneurs at Lund University, Bachelor Degree in Book history on book design and marketing trends at Lund University, Master degrees in both Multidisciplinarity in healthcare focused on the patient perspective in medical law and Developmental Studies regarding Institutional Change, Work and Know­ledge Development at Lund University. She has taken the first level of entrepreneurship at the Business School at Lund University regarding Innovative Projects: brainstorming methods, creativity, research, pre-study, project­-plan. Conducted a prestudy for a dissertation on cancer bloggers: Can patient storytelling help develop a better person centred health care? for Vårdalinstitutet at Lund University. She have had a Nordplus Stipend to the Roskilde University Center in q23Denmark where her field of study was International Cultural Studies. Apart from all this, also have a big variety of different courses in the humanities and societal academic fields where some very big focus areas are medical humanities, history of sciences and literature.

She is engaged in the patient empowerment movement and ehealth. Currently working to enhance the patients’ identity in Swedish cancer care due to the national strategy for cancer care the Swedish government has initiated.. When being a teacher she taught courses on the following topics: Product & Industry knowledge, Project- & Business Development, Team & Communication. She had her own Medical Humanities writing project, ”Life. Rich Text Format” that I donated to the former Professor of Medical Humanities at Karolinska Institutet to enhance writing as a more creative therapeutic option in Swedish health care. Prior to that, she worked as a radio journalist and broadcaster both in commercial and public radio in Sweden and worked at a local TV station as a cultural reporter and working with news reportages. One volunteer engagement she has been the cause of freedom of speech when she was posting Loesje posters in the center of Lund for a couple of years. firstly in New York and after that in Paris. Have a good proficiency in French and can understand German quite well.