Sarajit Basu

Sarajit Basu


Director(Technical Listening), Global Listening Centre.

Chairman (Ch.E.Div.) WBSC IEI.
Prof: Genetic Engineering, WB Tech University.

Prof. Surajit Basu is one of the most respected figures in the field of engineering in India. Graduated in ChE (JU) and PhD (IIT Mumbai), carried out Post-Doctoral work as Humboldt Fellow at the Tech University, Darmstadt (1972- 73 ) , and Tubingen University (May–Oct 1981), Germany.

Dr Basu was the faculty member at IIT Mumbai for 33 years. Prof Basu completed many assignment In the year 1979-79 he was assigned by the JK Group as a first Director, Pulp & Paper Research Institute. As a UNO expert &visting Professor & scientist completed many assignment in the University of Bagdad , Iraq University,University Of Malasia, MOI University, Kenya Burma, Alexendria (UAE)(1987) Asian University of Bankok, Germany ,& France(1994), USA, and Canada (1987).

Prof Basu was in the expert committee in the PRIME MINISTER‘S OF INDIA TCH MISSION ON DRINKING WATER (1998-92), SUGAR TECH MISSION. TIFAC of DST, Government of India.(2000-2002) and also other Govt of India bodies such as NAACOF AICTE, CSIR & UGC . As a Industrial Consultant completed many projects in the water recycling engineering ,pollution control & management.

Major R & D & INTEREST DR BASU has in the field of Membrane based separation technology in industrial affluent management with recycling / drinking water & in Bio medical Engineering field.

Prof Basu guided 15 PhD students and over 60 M. Tech Projects with over 100 publications.

Receipient of Hin. DO award of IIChe (2005). IIChe, (2011), Gold Medal Award from India , ABI, USA (2010)

Presently Prof& Governing Body member at Genetic Engineering , WB Tech University& also the Governing body member visiting . And visiting Profesor of Javdapur&Calcutta University.Chief Editor ,” Green Earth “ MIEEM, Kolkata and Chairman ( CheDiv) WBSC IEI.