Sigamoney Naicker

Sigamoney Naicker

, Ph.D.

Director (Academic), Global Listening Centre.

Extra Ordi Prof. : University of Western Cape
Ex National Commissioner for Education Support Services SA


Sigamoney Naicker PhD (University of Western Cape) is extra-ordinary Professor at the University of Western Cape in Cape Town.

Sigamoney was also a National Commissioner on the Committee for Education Support Services appointed by the then President, Nelson Mandela to investigate the state of Special Education during South Africa’s transition to a democracy. He is currently Chief Director of Inclusive Education in the Western Cape Education Department. .Dr Sigamoney is greatly respected educationist figure in South Africa and worldwide. Sigamoney is a writer and speaker and his latest book is titled Inclusive Education in South Africa and the Developing World:  The Search for an Inclusive Pedagogy.  Dr Sigamoney worked previously in the National Department of Education in Pretoria, South Africa as National Director of Inclusive Education.  He has assisted in the write up and release of Education White Paper 6 on Special Needs Education:  Building an Inclusive Education System in South Africa. He is an important asset in the worldwide education arena. Dr S Naicker believes if we are not good listener the we are total failures in our professional & professional lives. Listening is for happiness, progress and peace .