Snezana Kusljic

Snezana Kusljic


Director ( Healthcare ), Global Listening Centre.

Asso Professor at The University of Melbourne, Australia.


Dr Snezana Kusljic, an Associate Professor at The University of Melbourne, Australia, is an
innovative, engaging and passionate education leader, researcher and student voice advocate
with outstanding listening skills that inspire her students to learn. After migrating to Australia,
Snezana completed her PhD in Pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacology and
Therapeutics, The University of Melbourne. Snezana’s atypical career trajectory allowed her to
combine learnings from two worlds, and transfer her expertise to the forefront of education
scholarship, specifically in the domain of pharmacology and medication safety. She has
demonstrated a strong commitment to education and works tirelessly on development of
student-teacher partnerships by utilising two-way listening approach that incorporates
individuals’ academic, cultural and social factors. As Nikola Tesla once said “The harness of
waterfalls is the most economical method known for drawing energy from the sun,” to Snezana,
the harness of listening is the most powerful tool in creating respectful and successful student-
teacher partnerships that lead to positive student experience and excellent academic
outcomes. Snezana is the recipient of many awards including Dean’s Fellowship for Learning
and Teaching Excellence, Award for Sustained Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and G.E.M.
Scott Grant for teaching excellence.