Sun Jicheng

Sun Jicheng


Director ( Academic), Global Listening Centre.

Asso Prof. : Shandong University of Technology (China)

Mr Sun Jicheng, working as an associate professor Shandong University of Technology since 1992. Mr Sun Jicheng completed  Masters from Shandong University  and  Ph.D. in 2007,  Peking University  ,  Courses taught in recent years include “English Intensive Reading”, “English Stylistics”, “A Brief History of English Literature”, “America’s Literature History and Selected Readings”, “Introduction to Anglo-American Countries”, “Business Interpretation”, “Chinese to English Translation”, ” Chinese to English Interpretation” , “Translation Project Management ” and “Translation Workshop”, etc., mainly engaged in the teaching and research of literary translation and communication.

Mr Jicheng has a great  passion for listening He believe listening is a very important skill which needs to be developed at school level.

Mr Sun Jicheng is working on some very important projects related to listening. Dr Jicheng believes   listening can bring  peace , prosperity , happiness and success  to achieve  in this world. Today the world needs global listening