Alaric Naudé


Dear Ray

Firstly thank you for your detailed input and observations. I actually thought that I had included a abstract but for some reason it may not have been posted.The Third Law to date has not been incorporated into any known linguistic approach and therefore the statement. In common terms linguistic data may appear to be self-constructed, and indeed this is the case for most fields of linguistics, however the concepts of sociolinguistics dictate understanding the way languages and/or language users interac.


Inert is not the best term to use as syntax is highly variable depending on language and even dialect. English for example displays a highly fluid syntax structure between dialects and this is likely a contributing factor toward the sheer scale of variability in English dialects.


So why Newton? A fair question. He is the origin of my inspiration and I have used this Hypothesis to write my doctoral thesis, the expression is merely honorary.

I was able to find the relationships between the way language is used by individuals or social groups and find trends in linguistic prejudice.


You mentioned the American vowel shift, that highlights what I am expressing, a resistance to change leads to more pride in a certain regional dialect but may also lead to prejudice and viewing other dialects as inferior. This may also develop to the point where it starts to erupt as hate speech, or other actions which further social unrest and fracture society.


Once again the hypothesis is designed as a tool for understanding patterns within the field of sociolinguistics and not an end all. It also enables one to pinpoint areas in which language is being specifically manipulated to elicit either a negative or positive response. This is the case with propaganda of varying types.


I do hope this helps to explain the context of the Hypothesis usage. I actually have a presentation at the Kotesol International Conference tomorrow. I will introduce the Global Listening Centre there too. I believe professors from your university will be attending. Have a lovely evening.