Smarajit Roy

Smarajit Roy


Director (Environmental & Technical Listening Division), Global Listening Centre.

Chairman : CWBSL

Dr Smarajit Roy a imminent personality in the field of bio energy solutions.

Dr Roy feels that Listening to challenges of the society (specially environmental related) mainly by technical experts & governments is the need of the hour, otherwise we are heading for extraordinary environment disasters created by human activity.

Dr Smarajit Roy is Ph.D (Brunel Univ-UK), M.Tech (Brunel University, UK). Dr Smarajit Roy is the Founder and Chairman of City Wastes Bio-energy Solutions Limited and is a visionary entrepreneur. He was an elected councillor at London Borough of Islington. Dr Roy has over 30 years of industry experience in UK Industries including 20 years at Ford Motor Company Dagenham as a manager in the Power Train Operation division. Dr Roy have published 2 books titled “ Toilets To Let “ ( ISBN : 978-1-60911-749-8 ) and “ Understanding Waste = Bio-energy “ ( ISBN : 978-1-4567-8354-9). He have published over 60 papers and make presentations at International seminars and universities. Dr Roy was a VIP speaker at China Bio-energy Technology and Investment Summit which was held at Shenyang in 2011.

Dr S Roy’s PASSION is starting and being involved with highly innovative new and renewable energy companies worldwide. In particular, solving strategic challenges for cutting-edge science, and finding efficient ways to monetize it, and make a difference in Environment, Pollution, Climate Change and Green Technologies. Dr Roy wants to make this world a little better than what it is now in any small way that he can. Dr Roy have spent career in start-up companies.

A substantial portion of his career has been involved serving on boards, both of my own companies, and as an independent board member of unrelated companies. Dr Roy have been immensely fortunate to serve with some of the leading companies such as Vintec Technologies of Israel, Nu Energy Technologies and Environment Energy & Finance Corporation of USA, Centre Point Global Solutions Inc and Hada International of Germany, Camycent Solutions Ltd and Enfracom Solutions of UK, Unity Infra Transit Project Implementers of India. He is also director of two companies in Nigeria.

In his Charitable and Trustee roles, Dr Roy is a director and Trustee of eight registered charities. Most notable two are Community Support Network with an annual budget of over half a million USD and MCDP where Dr Roy is one of four Patrons along with 3 other most eminent gentlemen. Dr Roy spends time in both the UK and in India.