Nominations for The Top 25 Outstanding Women Listener Awards 2023

The Global Listening Centre has, for over a decade, been solely focused on the power that effective listening can make in all aspects of our lives. For the second consecutive year, the GLC will recognize and honor 25 women who have used the power of their listening skills for the betterment of humankind. We are currently requesting nominations for this prestigious listing.

To nominate an individual, we require:

  • The Nominee’s Name
  • The Title or Position and Affiliation of the Nominee
  • The Listening Area of Nomination (please see below)
  • Your Name – the Nominator
  • Your Affiliation

To nominate an individual, you are required to document, with evidence, the reasons why your nominee should be considered for this prestigious award. Please be prepared to provide the following:

  1. Any information outlining how the nominee has been recognized by others (peers, supervisors, students, etc.).
  2. Information regarding how the nominee is influential in a specific cultural or professional domain.
  3. A description of how the listening skills of the nominee contributed to an improvement in a particular context (situational, relational, community, etc.).
  4. How the nominee has publicly emphasized the importance of listening.

Please provide all applicable links to websites or web-based articles describing the above criteria. A letter of nomination and any evidence of the nominee’s global listening impact (publications, media, testimony from others, etc.)

The major Areas of Nomination include listening research and promotion, healthcare listening, academics, politics, environmental, humanitarian work (including COVID-19), law, journalism (non-partisan), corporate/business/entrepreneurship, art and music, and sustainability.

Please use the nomination form on our website and return the form by AUGUST 30, 2023, to:

All entries will be reviewed by multiple neutral committees to ensure fairness to all nominees. The selection remains solely the responsibility of the GLC. Please read the official rules and disclaimers on our website,