Our Core Values

  • Service : To work selflessly towards global harmony.
  • Leadership : Promote the integrity and honesty of workers and working teams and to advance innovative collaboration.
  • Freedom : Of work, thought and expression.
  • Respect : For the rights, differences, culture and especially the dignity of others.
  • Equality : Of treatment without discrimination against anyone.
  • Excellence : In all teaching, training, research, and educational listening activities.
  • Global Collaboration : Global strategic alliances with communities, institutions and agencies.

His Holiness Pope Francis on LISTENING – the Vital Hope for Society (8th May 2016)


“Management must grow a new set of ears. For what causes the trouble is primarily that management does not listen and does not know how to listen.”

Sir Peter Drucker
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GLC Celebrating : "Joy of Giving Year"

Knowledge Centre

Fear : A Necessary Emotion For Doctors

Danielle Ofri, M.D., Ph.D., D.Litt(Hon), FACP

Director (HealthCare Listening),
Global Listening Centre.
Assoc. Prof. : New York University School of Medicine.

Student's Site

The sounds of a ​Ph.D. Student

Dr Tara Brabazon

Hon’ble Director,
Global Listening Centre.



Why Doctors Write : Finding Humanity In Medicine


By Richard D Halley, Ph.D

Listening : The “LOST” Communication Skill

By Dr Michael W Purdy &
Dr Trudy Mercadal-Sabbagh

Avi Kluger, Ph.D.

Director (Psychology),
Global Listening Centre.
Prof. Hebrew University, Israel.

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Presenting Workshop
9th August, 2017.
At UOW – Building 40A.G81,Australia.
Titled “Introduction to Coaching for Managers Workshop”.

Art of Listening & Questioning.


Grace McCarthy, Ph.D., CDC, MBA

Global Listening Centre.
Assoc. Prof. & Dean : Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong.

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