Distinguished Humanitarian Award

Distinguished Humanitarian Award

Father of needs assessment

Late Roger Kaufman


Late Dr. Roger Kaufman ( 1933-2020) is an American figure in the history of educational technology  and performance improvement  fields as well as strategic thinking and planning for public and private-sector organizations. Dr. Kaufman was a Distinguished Research Professor regarded as one of the founding figures of the field, he is referred to as the father of needs assessment. Kaufman published 41 books and 320+ articles on strategic planning,

The focus of Kaufman work is on the survival, self-sufficiency  a quality of life for ALL people.  All organizations, public and private should put this as primary in the vision and missions.

Dr. Roger been a Rotarian for 42 years, listening and focusing on world-wide humanitarian projects. Since becoming emeritus status, most of his work world-wide has been pro-bono.  All focused on humanitarian efforts.

Kaufman developed the Mega Planning Model  a framework for adding measurable value to society.  In 2014, the International Society for Performance Improvement created the Roger Kaufman Award for Societal Impact.

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