Dr Monica Broome, New Vice Chairman Global Listening Board

New Vice Chairman

Dr Monica Broome, MD, FACP, FAACH

The Global Listening Centre is proud to announce that Dr Monica Broome has been appointment to the position of Vice-Chairman of Global Listening Board (Effective as of 2ndFeb, 2018).This position is the functional head of the organization.

Dr Monica Broome is a world-famous personality in the field of healthcare communication which is a critical factor in improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of the global healthcare system. Effective communication between doctor and patient, laboratory and doctor, researcher and clinician, are important elements in advancing both the technology of medicine and the patient experience. The Global Listening Centre is committed toward promoting Global Listening /Effective Listening as an important means for improving human lives everywhere thus creating a harmonious & peaceful global society

A brief biography of Dr. Broome click the link below(http://www.globallisteningcentre.org/member/monica-broome/ )

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