Newsletter and Journal

1. The Listening Connection: 

In our Blog, learn from GLC’s Renowned Colleagues: Articles with a Focus on Listening in Higher Learning, Primary and Secondary Education, Healthcare, and Environment.


2. The Global Listener:

Introducing the Newsletter of the Global Listening Centre. Access what is new in the world’s only service organization dedicated to the science, education, and practice of humanity’s most important learning skill – listening.


3.  The Journal of Global Listening:

The Journal of Global Listening is designed from the ground up as the go-to academic source of listening and the finest academic, peer-reviewed Journal in the field of listening research & practice.


4. The Listener’s Digest:

Compendium on Listening Articles

Introducing a curated compendium of articles, highlights, and infographics on the diverse facets of listening, which are gleaned from key sources from around the world.

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