Yoel Nitzarim


Yoel Nitzarim is MEd in Secondary Language Arts at Northeastern Illinois University, 1983, Chicago, Illinois USA. Yoel is a highly respected person in Isreal.Mr Yole has done lot of work in Listening in various areas of academic, environmental issues etc.  Yoel Nitzarim believes that Listening is extremely for Global Peace and prosperity. Yoel Nitzamin was […]

Sharon Drew Morgen


Sharon Drew Morgen is MA (1967) Syracuse University School of Journalism and  MSc (1979)  from City University of New York Health Sciences. Sharon Drew Morgen is an original thinker and thought leader in Change Facilitation. She develops models which enable influencers to facilitate others through to congruent change down their own unique path to Excellence […]

Danielle Ofri

Director(HealthCare Listening)

Danielle Ofri MD, PhD is one of the foremost voices in the medical world today, speaking passionately about the importance of listening, the doctor-patient relationship, and bringing humanity back to health care. She is an internist at Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in the United States and Editor-in-Chief of the Bellevue Literary Review, as […]

Alan R. Ehrlich


Alan Ehrlich is a Certified Listening Professional. Educated in microwave and materials engineering, Mr. Ehrlich initially worked in the area of microwave semiconductor development and then spent most of his career in technology and healthcare marketing and non-profit management. Alan R. Ehrlich is the founder of The Center for Listening Disorders Research, a NJ non-profit corporation Mr. Ehrlich’s […]

Sarajit Basu

Director(Technical Listening)

Prof. Surajit Basu is one of the most respected figures in the field of engineering in India. Graduated in ChE (JU) and PhD (IIT Mumbai), carried out Post-Doctoral work as Humboldt Fellow at the Tech University, Darmstadt (1972- 73 ) , and Tubingen University (May–Oct 1981), Germany. Dr Basu was the faculty member at IIT Mumbai […]

Michael W Purdy

Past Vice Chair

Michael W. Purdy is Emeritus Professor of Communication Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences of Governors State University (GSU, of the state of Illinois), University Park, IL, USA. He has taught at Northern Illinois U., University of Rhode Island, and GSU. His primary focus in teaching and research is listening and dialogical communication. […]