Daniel Wiberg


Professor Daniel Wiberg is a global educator who believes listening is a fundamental and necessary element of every classroom. Presently, Professor Wiberg is a visiting professor of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology Department at Hoseo University, in Cheonan, Korea. Professor Wiberg teaches psychology and social psychology where he implements and teaches both active and reflective […]

Yoel Nitzarim


Yoel Nitzarim is MEd in Secondary Language Arts at Northeastern Illinois University, 1983, Chicago, Illinois USA. Yoel is a highly respected person in Isreal.Mr Yole has done lot of work in Listening in various areas of academic, environmental issues etc.  Yoel Nitzarim believes that Listening is extremely for Global Peace and prosperity. Yoel Nitzamin was […]

Andjelka Mihajlov

Director (Environmental Listening)

Prof. Andjelka Mihajlov is an UN expert, consultant and scientist, and retired Professor at the University of Novi Sad’s Faculty of Technical Sciences – Department of Environmental Engineering, since 2015. She is Chemical Engineer and obtained her Master’s and PhD degree in technical science from University of Belgrade, and had additional education in chemical engineering […]

Emanuel Yi Pastreich


Prof. Emanuel Pastreich is director of the Earth Management Institute and director of the Asia Institute in Seoul. His current research is divided between his work on technology and its impact on society and the impact of the Chinese literary tradition in Korea and Japan. Pastreich has a B.A. in Chinese literature from Yale University […]

Marzia Traverso

Director(Technical Listening)

Prof. Marzia Traverso, full professor and head of the Institute and Chair of Sustainability in Civil Engineering in RWTH Aachen since 1 June 2017. PhD of Environmental Technical Physics of University of Palermo, and environmental engineer, working in the field of Life Cycle Assessment and sustainability performance of building and transport sector and strategic environmental […]

Hassan A Khawaja

Director (Technical Listening)

Hassan A Khawaja is an Associate Professor at the University of Tromsø (UiT), Norway. He is a member of the process and gas team at the Department of Engineering and Safety and the leader of the research group ‘IR imaging, spectroscopy and numerical modelling’. He is also the Vice President (Scandinavia) of the International Society […]

Sandra Cassotta

Director (Environmental Listening)


Leonard M “Larry” Edmonds

Director (Education Leadership & Innovation)

Leonard M. “Larry” Edmonds is a very important name in the field of communication. He is Ph D. from Arizona State University. He has earned his undergraduate, graduate degrees in Communication at Arizona State University (ASU), where he was named a Dessie E. Larsen Fellow during his graduate studies. Edmonds is a Lecturer in Communication, […]

Katherine Stuart Van Wormer


Katherine Stuart van Wormer, MSSW, Ph.D., is Professor of Social Work at the University of Northern Iowa. Her Ph.D. is in sociology from the University of Georgia. Uniquely in the 1960s, van Wormer participated in two civil rights movements—one in North Carolina and one in Northern Ireland, where she taught English for several years. In […]

Sarajit Basu

Director(Technical Listening)

Prof. Surajit Basu is one of the most respected figures in the field of engineering in India. Graduated in ChE (JU) and PhD (IIT Mumbai), carried out Post-Doctoral work as Humboldt Fellow at the Tech University, Darmstadt (1972- 73 ) , and Tubingen University (May–Oct 1981), Germany. Dr Basu was the faculty member at IIT Mumbai […]