Andjelka Mihajlov

Director (Environmental Listening)

Prof. Andjelka Mihajlov is an UN expert, consultant and scientist, and retired Professor at the University of Novi Sad’s Faculty of Technical Sciences – Department of Environmental Engineering, since 2015. She is Chemical Engineer and obtained her Master’s and PhD degree in technical science from University of Belgrade, and had additional education in chemical engineering […]

Marzia Traverso

Director(Technical Listening)

Prof. Marzia Traverso, full professor and head of the Institute and Chair of Sustainability in Civil Engineering in RWTH Aachen since 1 June 2017. PhD of Environmental Technical Physics of University of Palermo, and environmental engineer, working in the field of Life Cycle Assessment and sustainability performance of building and transport sector and strategic environmental […]

Hassan A Khawaja

Director (Technical Listening)

Hassan A Khawaja is an Associate Professor at the University of Tromsø (UiT), Norway. He is a member of the process and gas team at the Department of Engineering and Safety and the leader of the research group ‘IR imaging, spectroscopy and numerical modelling’. He is also the Vice President (Scandinavia) of the International Society […]

Sandra Cassotta

Director (Environmental Listening)


Smarajit Roy

Director (Technical Listening)

Dr Smarajit Roy a imminent personality in the field of bio energy solutions. Dr Roy feels that Listening to challenges of the society (specially environmental related) mainly by technical experts & governments is the need of the hour, otherwise we are heading for extraordinary environment disasters created by human activity. Dr Smarajit Roy is Ph.D […]