Editorial Team

Renee Guarriello Heath


Renee GuarrielloHeath (Ph.D., 2005, University of Colorado, Boulder) is a scholar, writer, and lecturer in the area of organizational communication, and presently serves as a Senior Lecturer at the University of New Hampshire, Department of Communication. She specializes in collaboration, dialogue, and more recently, intergenerational conflict around work-life balance. Her work often focuses on ethical […]

Lance Strate

Director (Academic)


Leonard M “Larry” Edmonds

Director (Education Leadership & Innovation)

Leonard M. “Larry” Edmonds is a very important name in the field of communication. He is Ph D. from Arizona State University. He has earned his undergraduate, graduate degrees in Communication at Arizona State University (ASU), where he was named a Dessie E. Larsen Fellow during his graduate studies. Edmonds is a Lecturer in Communication, […]

Rebecca Day Babcock

Director (Writing Studies)

Rebecca Day Babcock is William and Ordelle Watts Professor at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Dr Rebecca earned her PhD in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a specialization in Composition and TESOL She teaches courses in writing and linguistics and serves as Freshman English Coordinator in the department of Literature […]

Vahid Aryadoust

Associate Director


Ray T. Donahue

Director (Intercultural Studies & Communication)

Ray T. Donahue, PhD, Professor in the Department of Intercultural Studies at Nagoya Gakuin University, Japan. intercultural trainer and counselor, he is an elected fellow of the International Academy for Intercultural Research and a recipient of the Outstanding Scholarship Award from the International/Intercultural Division of the National Communication Association (USA). His career originated in racial […]

Teija Waaramaa-Mäki-Kulmala

Director (Speech Communication and Voice Research)

Global Listening Board

Alan Ehrlich

Director & Chair (Listening Disorders)

Alan Ehrlich is a Certified Listening Professional. Educated in microwave and materials engineering, Mr. Ehrlich initially worked in the area of microwave semiconductor development and then spent most of his career in technology and healthcare marketing and non-profit management. Alan R. Ehrlich is the founder of The Center for Listening Disorders Research, a NJ non-profit corporation Mr. Ehrlich’s […]

Graham Bodie

Past Vice Chair

Graham Bodie (Ph.D., Purdue University, 2008) is Professor at School of Journalism and New Media The University of Mississippi since August 2017. Earlier Dr. Bodie was Professor of Communication Studies at Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College. He is recognized as an international expert on listening and the social cognitive underpinnings of human […]

Michael W Purdy

Past Vice Chair

Michael W. Purdy is Emeritus Professor of Communication Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences of Governors State University (GSU, of the state of Illinois), University Park, IL, USA. He has taught at Northern Illinois U., University of Rhode Island, and GSU. His primary focus in teaching and research is listening and dialogical communication. […]