Music & Arts

Suzi Hall


Dr. Suzi Hall, is a writer and poet, who also occasionally does freelance article writing for various online publications. Experienced Research Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. Skilled inResearch Projects, Research, Poetry Readings, Meditation, and Writing. Strong research professional and she has completed her PhD in English Literature […]

Sigamoney Naicker

Director (Academic)


Daniel Levy

Chair & Director (Music & Arts Listening Centre)

Internationally renowned classical pianist, educator and creator of the method, ‘Euphony – The Art of Listening’   joined Global Listening Centre as on 30th May 2017 as Honorable Director. Daniel Levy, world famous concert pianist and director/co-founder of the International Academy of Euphony, developed the educational method of Euphony in 1983, using music as a tool […]

Anne Taylor

Director (Music in Healthcare)

Anne Taylor famously known as “the Danish nurse with the music” in Denmark, She is BSN from Copenhagen Nursing School and has experience from management, same day surgery, home health care and a general surgical ward. Anne is very innovative, hardworking and a dynamic person. She has created very innovative programs in healthcare. One such […]

Lauren J DeCarvalho

Director (Flim & Media)


Mikkel Bogh

Director (Listening & Art)


John A Schuster

Director (History of Listening)

John A. Schuster Ph.D. is a scholar well known in Australia and internationally in the history of science and intellectual history. Dr John strongly feels that in today’s fast changing world LISTENING TO HISTORY has now become very important to understand the society better, conditions of human being and inspiring us for betterment. Dr John […]

Lorette Gijsbers

Associate Director (Patient Care Listening)


Kimberly Batty-Herbert

Dr Kimberly Batty-Herbert is Doctor in Philosophy from New Mexico State University and also Degree in Education. She has done her Masters in communication. A native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Kimberly Batty-Herbert, spent nearly two decades teaching listening and speech communication at the college and university levels in New Mexico. More recently, she has served as […]

Ruth Herbert

Director (Music Psychologist)